Other Projects

I’m a content creator at heart, so I make a lot of stuff. If my Portfolio page didn’t have what you’re looking for, here are some more projects I’ve worked on or have helped make.

The Lost Ziggurat of Nephthys

A 2D roguelike platformer where the player explores a dangerous ancient temple using a grappling hook. This was made for the Megaman Game Jam, so this is not a finished product.

Download Link

37% Unplayed Podcast

A podcast about video games and game design, in a format similar to book clubs.




Overwatch Montages

Lucky Shots

Fail of the Game Montage

Play of the Game Montage


Mountainous Snow Environment

Game AI (C++)

A* Pathfinding

3D Graphics Programming (C++/OpenGL)

Soft Shadow Mapping
Bump Mapping
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