Megaman Game Jam

I have a lot of game developer friends. After talking to some of them, we decided it would be fun to challenge each other to a game jam. Thus was born the Megaman Game Jam!

1) Time limit: 1 month. Game submissions are due on July 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. This long timeline allows people to make their game when they have time, rather than crunching to get something in. This does mean submission quality will vary wildly, but that’s okay!
2) Assets (Art, audio, etc) can be obtained anywhere.
3) Judging/prizes: None – This is just for fun.
4) Submission format: Anything goes – Exe, Twine, website link, etc.
5) Submissions/playing the games: Games will be posted on this site in a separate post after the cutoff date.
6) Submissions are not required to stick to the theme.

Theme: Inner Demons

Check back in one month to see what unique and interesting games we came up with!

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