Diablo II Game Update

Ever since I applied for a game designer / programmer summer internship at Blizzard Entertainment in January I have been replaying my favorite game of all time, Diablo II. After playing on ladder for some time, I came to find out that the ladder was resetting soon due to an update. At the time, there were some rumors about Blizzard adding a respecialization system to Diablo II, a 10+ year old game! I figured that these rumors were just that, rumors, but it turns out they were true! Blizzard has added a respecialization system to Diablo II after 10+ years! I think it’s just incredible that they’re still adding functionality after 10 years! I mean, everyone that I knew felt that it needed some way to change skills later on in the game, instead of being stuck with the ones that you chose, and now they have finally added a way to do just that! I think that’s just incredible. Thanks Blizzard!

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