Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer – The Bright Lord

We released another story trailer for Shadow of Mordor! This one is about the wraith! In an unprecedented move, we also pushed our release date forward to September 30, 2014!

Shadow of Mordor at E3

Shadow of Mordor has been having an incredibly great showing at E3!  In fact, we have currently won or have been nominated for 22 awards!  Take a look at some of the videos below!  Don’t forget to vote for us for Game of Show (Links below)! Gamespot 2014-06-11 (Recommended) IGN 2014-06-11 (Recommended) PlayStation 2014-06-10Continue reading “Shadow of Mordor at E3”

Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer And Release Date Announcement

Another trailer for the game I’m working on, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: Also, the release date was announced – October 7, 2014!

Super Mario World Item Cheats / Wind Waker

A fellow tester at my game testing job sent this video to me. While I enjoy Mario games, as well as what Mario has done for gaming, I do not think of myself as a huge Mario fan. However, I found the many different bugs / features with different items in this video pretty awesome.Continue reading “Super Mario World Item Cheats / Wind Waker”