LoZ: Spirit Tracks Final Boss – The Bad, the Good, and the Ugly Part 1 (SPOILERS!)

My first of many (Hopefully) game reviews will come in parts, because I feel that it is too big to swallow in one post. Here we go:

Game Name: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS

I would usually start off a review with what I loved about the game, and then go on to what I would change (Kind of a “Get them to like you first, then tell them what you really thought” type of approach), but seeing as I’m just doing the final boss battle instead of the whole game, I feel it will flow better if I do it in chronological order, especially seeing as I will be doing it in parts.

Phase 1 – The ‘Cole Train’ Always Runs on Time!: The first phase of the last boss fight takes place with you in your train, and the enemy train driving next to you (Or on top of you, if you’re not so good). The objective is to defeat the different compartments of the enemy train, which just involves firing at the train when a weak point is exposed. This fight was actually pretty good. They could have done far more boring things with it, so good job Nintendo!

Phase 2 – IMMA CHARGIN’ MAH LAZER!: In this fight, you and Zelda (In her phantom armor suit) are fighting atop the enemy train. One major enemy is floating slightly north of you and sends small enemies that path towards Zelda. If they reach her (Because you didn’t attack them), she gets stunned, and he takes over her suit with strings (Like a marionette) and starts attacking you with the suit. When he’s doing this, you have to attack the strings (By getting around Zelda, or with the boomerang) to release his hold on Zelda. There is another enemy way north of you that fires a laser beam at you if you go too far north of the aforementioned baddie. The goal of the fight is to use Zelda as a shield and get to the very top (Baddie #2). Sounds easy, right? Wrong, but for only one reason: Moving Zelda, controlling the boomerang, Link’s movement, and attacking all use the same “button” – the stylus.

Here’s how most of the fight went for me: I see a small enemy heading towards Zelda. They start out decently close, and don’t more particularly slow. There are also multiple enemies sent out within a small period of time. Naturally, I try to attack said enemy, but I either move Zelda, miss the enemy because I attacked in the wrong direction, accidentally move towards the enemy and get hit instead, or anything EXCEPT what I want it to do. This makes Zelda get taken over by baddie #1. Before I knew I could use the boomerang to break this hold, I kept juking Zelda (Trying to hit the marionette cords with my sword), only to be shot by the laser beams, and hit by the possessed Zelda. Double punishment isn’t cool Nintendo. Anyway, that part was frustrating, but what happens next? Find out next time!

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