LoZ: Spirit Tracks Final Boss – The Bad, the Good, and the Ugly Part 2 (SPOILERS!)

Following my previous post, here are two more phases of this fight. There will be one more part to this review (It’s a long fight), so hang in there:

Phase 3 – You Tryin’ to get Invited to my Next Barbecue?: In this phase, the main boss appears – essentially a blue version of the real form of Ganon from LoZ: Ocarina of Time, but without the two large swords. He stands north of you and fires balls of fire in a pattern down at Zelda, who is charging something or other at the bottom of the screen. If Zelda gets hit, the boss starts his pattern over again. The problem with this fight is similar to Phase 2 – movement and attack are the same “buttons.” As such, when you have to perform two spin attacks in a row to stop two shots of four boulders (When one spin attack is hard enough to time perfectly to hit all four of them), this fight gets pretty hard, only due to the controls. Now I have to be honest, you pretty much cannot lose this fight, because Zelda has no health, the fireballs drop hearts, and the boss never moves towards you, but it got so repetitive that I nearly gave up. The only hard wave to stop is when he does two sets of four fireballs, but that one is pretty much impossible due to the controls.

Phase 4 – Guitar Hero Hyrule Tour: Throughout the game, you have to play these Locomo Songs to get past certain parts. Most of them have a practice option that will help you get the beat of what you’re supposed to play. In this section of the final boss battle, you have to play a song (Pretty lame, right?) to charge up Zelda’s power (Or something like that). However, this section has no practice or anything like that, leaving you to pretty much guess how your part is supposed to go. Furthermore, the “blow into the mic” mechanic is quite broken, often not recording when you want it to, or recording even though you’re done blowing. As such, this part was a pain. So, while it’s super easy for a percussionist like me to get the beat down, and a gamer like me to know what I’m supposed to do, actually doing what the game wants isn’t so easy.

The final phase of this long fight will come later.

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