LoZ: Spirit Tracks Final Boss – The Bad, the Good, and the Ugly Part 3 (SPOILERS!)

Phase 5 – Finish Him!: The final part to this boss battle is what I actually thought the battle would be like. This part is more like the LoZ: OoT final Ganon fight. Zelda is on the sidelines while Link fights (Or rather distracts) the Ganon-like boss. You control both Link and Zelda, but the only thing Zelda can do is shoot an arrow of light, which you’re supposed to do when the boss is facing away from her. This fight, while not original at all, was actually quite fun, and, as I mentioned, was what I was expecting out of this last boss fight.

All in all, the last boss fight could have certainly be cut down to just the train (Phase 1) and Ganon-like (Phase 5) fights. Sure, it was a great way to show off Nintendo’s mechanics, but does that really make a good boss fight? Sorry, but no. Fun factor is far more important than showing off mechanics. Sometimes, less can be more.

So what could Nintendo have done to make this boss fight better? For starters, as I already said, they could have shortened it to the two best parts of the boss fight (Phases 1 and 5). Instead of this, if they wanted to keep the parts in that they did have, they could have simply switched the D-Pad and stylus functionality. The D-Pad could have been used for movement, as it always has been, and for the stylus, they could have added a small icon on the bottom screen that functioned as the shortcuts to different menus (What the D-Pad functionality is currently). They would also have to make a button (Or stylus icon) to charge up or use a spin attack for the fireball fight as well. Sure, it’s not new, but it’s more fun, which is what’s important. Doing this would have made movement and attacking different buttons, and would have solved some of the problems that I mentioned with the fights. They could have even made the movement and attack style toggleable. Furthermore, I believe that the song part (Phase 4) should have been taken out altogether.

So there you have it, my first review ever, which covered the final boss fight of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks! I hope you found it informative. Next time I’ll try to review a game as a whole, and as such, I won’t have to explain so much.

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