Game Name: Minecraft
Publisher: Markus Persson
Developer: Markus Persson
Platform: PC
Website: Minecraft Website

Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the player mines up tiles such as wood, dirt, stone, etc. and crafts items using these tiles. It is an extremely addictive game, especially if you have friends to play with. Minecraft is currently in its Alpha stage, meaning not everything is finished yet, but it is still extremely fun.

I will not point out most of the things  that I see wrong with Minecraft seeing as it’s still in Alpha.  One point I would like to make is that while it is still in Alpha, the price is half what it will be once it finally releases, so if you think you may get it, you had better purchase it before the price doubles.

Rather than explaining more about the game, I would just like to show some things that you can do with the game based on what I have done as well as what other people have done.

Here are two pictures of my (Unfinished) Castle Oblivion, made almost completely out of obsidian and glass:


Here are some links to what other people have done (Some of which I believe to not be possible any more, though I could be wrong):

Addiction Redefined!


Nintendo Characters

Bigger than my castle 😦

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