Rock Band 3

Well, it’s finally out, so I can talk about it.  The game that I spent so many hours, many of which were OT hours, testing this summer was Rock Band 3 for the Wii.  I tested it for essentially the full duration of the project.  Now, I know you’re thinking that seems really awesome,but you have to think about testing the unfinished game, not playing the finished one.  For example, before all 1000+ DLC songs and all the regular songs were in, we had to test about 5 songs over and over again for 40 hours a week.

That being said, this was by far the best job I have ever had.  The company paid well, the facilities were amazing, and I actually enjoyed the game.  Also, the people that worked there were nice and fun to talk to while testing the game.  Thanks Foundation 9 Entertainment 🙂

Here’s a site with the credits (Including me – Ctrl + F for Kankiewicz):

Here’s the picture of me from the credits:

Paul Kankiewicz

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