Game Engine Update – 2013-09-06 – Continued Work

Over the past few weeks, I have done a ton of work on the engine.  Unfortunately, most of the things I have been working on don’t have a visual component, so there is no video this time around.  However, I would still like to give an update on the stuff that I have been working on, so here’s sort of a “build note”-style update:

  • Added debug drawing for velocity and acceleration on physics objects
  • Switched my graphics system to use pure DirectX, rather than DirectX with SDL
  • Programmed mouse input and full screen again, as it was done with SDL before
  • Handled minimizing in full screen
  • Stopped the game from updating when the window doesn’t have focus
  • Added in a system to draw fonts, including custom typefaces
  • Added game pad (USB controller) support!
  • Made full screen letterbox the window so that circles in windowed mode will be circles in full screen mode, rather than them being squished/stretched to look like ovals
  • Lots of code cleanup

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