Fantastic Game Development Tutorials

I’ve been doing tons of research on video game development lately. In particular, research on video game programming and design. I thought I’d share a link to some very interesting articles/tutorials that I found:

Project Kassa Sound Test

My previous post was much more oriented towards Unity design, but this one is more oriented towards Unity programming. This video shows my work on the start of a sound manager for a team that I am currently helping make a game in Unity. Their blog can be found here. This project uses multiple scripts, oneContinue reading “Project Kassa Sound Test”

Adventures in Unity – Simple FPS

I took a bit of a break from programming my 2D engine to try out Unity.  This video shows my progress after about 12 hours with Unity.  Before setting out to do this, I had only spent a few hours messing around in Unity.  That being said, I was mostly following a tutorial, though IContinue reading “Adventures in Unity – Simple FPS”

Game Engine Update – 2013-09-06 – Continued Work

Over the past few weeks, I have done a ton of work on the engine.  Unfortunately, most of the things I have been working on don’t have a visual component, so there is no video this time around.  However, I would still like to give an update on the stuff that I have been workingContinue reading “Game Engine Update – 2013-09-06 – Continued Work”

Game Engine Update – 2013-07-28 – Previous Work + Physics!

Here was what my engine looked like at the end of last week – 7-21-13 (See video comments for more details): This week, I cleaned up some code, worked on creating a vector library, and used the library to program some 2D physics, namely circle/circle, circle/rectangle, and rectangle/rectangle collision. Here is the physics engine inContinue reading “Game Engine Update – 2013-07-28 – Previous Work + Physics!”