Game Engine Update – 2013-09-06 – Continued Work

Over the past few weeks, I have done a ton of work on the engine.  Unfortunately, most of the things I have been working on don’t have a visual component, so there is no video this time around.  However, I would still like to give an update on the stuff that I have been workingContinue reading “Game Engine Update – 2013-09-06 – Continued Work”

Game Engine Update – 2013-07-28 – Previous Work + Physics!

Here was what my engine looked like at the end of last week – 7-21-13 (See video comments for more details): This week, I cleaned up some code, worked on creating a vector library, and used the library to program some 2D physics, namely circle/circle, circle/rectangle, and rectangle/rectangle collision. Here is the physics engine inContinue reading “Game Engine Update – 2013-07-28 – Previous Work + Physics!”