Fantastic Game Development Tutorials

I’ve been doing tons of research on video game development lately. In particular, research on video game programming and design. I thought I’d share a link to some very interesting articles/tutorials that I found:

Adventures in Unity – Simple FPS

I took a bit of a break from programming my 2D engine to try out Unity.  This video shows my progress after about 12 hours with Unity.  Before setting out to do this, I had only spent a few hours messing around in Unity.  That being said, I was mostly following a tutorial, though IContinue reading “Adventures in Unity – Simple FPS”

Metoid: Other M Review

Game Name: Metroid: Other MPublisher: NintendoDeveloper: Team NinjaPlatform: Nintendo Wii Ever since I first played Super Metroid back when I was about 6 years old, I have been a huge Metroid fan. I have played every single Metroid game out there except for Metroid Pinball, which doesn’t really count as a Metroid game. With theContinue reading “Metoid: Other M Review”

Game Design Challenge Site

My roommate came across this website when he learned that I wanted to be a game designer. I thought it was a really cool concept. They post a game design theme, and people submit game designs. They then select the best few game designs, and post the winners. While I haven’t submitted any game designsContinue reading “Game Design Challenge Site”

Cool (And Funny) Design Video

If you are even remotely interested in game design, or are curious about what the future (IRL – In Real Life) holds, check this out! I couldn’t find a perfect video of it, but here are two sources: Full video in one spot. Audio was not synced with video yesterday (But apparently it is today):Continue reading “Cool (And Funny) Design Video”