Solace – A DigiPen Game

As some of you may know, I currently go to DigiPen. As such, I may be a little biased when looking at other DigiPen games and recommending them. However, I literally almost cried when I played this game (And trust me, if you know anything about me that’s a feat). I’ll be the first to admit thatContinue reading “Solace – A DigiPen Game”

Metoid: Other M Review

Game Name: Metroid: Other MPublisher: NintendoDeveloper: Team NinjaPlatform: Nintendo Wii Ever since I first played Super Metroid back when I was about 6 years old, I have been a huge Metroid fan. I have played every single Metroid game out there except for Metroid Pinball, which doesn’t really count as a Metroid game. With theContinue reading “Metoid: Other M Review”

Super Mario World Item Cheats / Wind Waker

A fellow tester at my game testing job sent this video to me. While I enjoy Mario games, as well as what Mario has done for gaming, I do not think of myself as a huge Mario fan. However, I found the many different bugs / features with different items in this video pretty awesome.Continue reading “Super Mario World Item Cheats / Wind Waker”

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

If you haven’t heard of StarCraft… well… what are you doing here? o.O Anyway, recently, as you probably know, Blizzard released StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. My roommate and I were both betting on it being the best game of… well, basically ever thus far. It seems to be well on its way of doingContinue reading “Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty”

Robokill – A Smash TV-like Flash Game

I was looking around the internet for some fun flash games to play the other day and I came across a game call Robokill. After playing only a small portion of this game, I immediately thought of the Super Nintendo game called Smash TV. In Robokill, you run around a series of rooms and defeatContinue reading “Robokill – A Smash TV-like Flash Game”

Level Up! – A Game and a Book!

I originally read about the book “Level Up!” by Scott Rogers from his Blog, Mr Boss’ Design Lair. While the book is not out yet, and thus I cannot speak about how good it actually is or not, I must say I am quite excited about this book (Which is surprising, because I cannot rememberContinue reading “Level Up! – A Game and a Book!”