Megaman Game Jam Submissions

We made it to the end of the first ever Megaman Game Jam! Here are the games that were submitted.

Shots in the Dark

Created by Scout Clithero.

Description: A game of social deduction.

The Lost Ziggurat of Nephthys

Created by Paul Kankiewicz (That’s me!).

Description: A 2D roguelike platformer where the player explores a dangerous ancient temple using a grappling hook.

I recommend playing it with keyboard and mouse, but it supports controller as well.
Shift + S: Cycles between a few screen shake options if you want to reduce it.
Alt + Enter: Toggles fullscreen. Warning: If you move the window, you’ll likely fall out of the world.

Late Submissions

It is likely that there will be more submissions that will be completed past the deadline. Check back later to see if anything has been added under here.

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